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When Gods get crazily angry

In one of a brilliant harangue, British comedian Stephen Fry deplored the very notion of there being a god, or if at all him (for the sake of this piece we will deal with god as a masculine entity, as he is so often presumed) having any real sense or intelligence at all. On being asked, as to what he would say to the god in case he ever met, Fry’s response was brilliant, “Bone cancer and children! How dare you create a world in which there is such misery that is not our fault? It’s not right. It’s utterly, utterly evil. Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid God who creates a world which is so full of injustice and pain?”

Come to think of it, indeed on assessing the misery that surrounds us all the time, it does make it a little tough to believe that all this is part of an ‘intelligent design‘. And as Fry points out that indeed if there is a god, would he not be a heartless brute? What sort of face he would have to do things like such?

It was this wily face of god that was invoked by many in the aftermath of the recent heart-breaking gods1disaster in Nepal. As the crisis ballooned and reports streamed in of the horror of destruction, some ingenious souls were quick to blame the tragedy in Nepal on the ‘paganism’ pervasive there. According to a few of these gents, the Christian or the Jewish god up there was not too happy about the idolatry religious practices of the Nepalese (read Hindu). And so, decided to punish them with earthquake that caused mayhem all across. But don’t be sad, there is still a silver lining, as the Nepalese people can still had assuage the supreme being by walking down the road to perdition and seeking refuge from the very same god that had so brutally hammered them. Apparently, by a sprinkle of water on the head and repetition of his name, the same god that was so jealous, full of vengeance, and ready to hit with all spite, would turn into a benign shepherd, simply on being addressed as master.

That gets us to the central theme; of what is a god and can he be capable of human emotions like jealously, anger and murderous rage. Why does the Christian or the Jewish god (and even the Muslim Allah) lapse into such an inexplicable act, just because the people are not adhering to his words? What sort of fatherly god would kill and maim little children, just because they weren’t visiting his office or repeating his name? If there is indeed such a god, is he really fit enough to be called one?

god4Yet, in all fairness, the notion of a god who is murderous and not so benign is pretty common recurring theme since ancient times. Remember the Noah Ark? The floods to engulf all and destroy all were caused by none other than our dear Mr. God. The Biblical god, who created the world tirelessly in 6 days, was driven to destroy it because of the sin that abound. Though, even while killing all, he somehow wanted a sort of continuity thus made Noah build on a blueprint he supplied, and made him carry a gene pool of all animals and birds. Continue reading When Gods get crazily angry